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Current Legislation

Verona Ordinances state:

"Specifically, it shall be unlawful for any person to keep, maintain or have in his possession or under his control within the City any of the following animals, reptiles or insects:... ...(23) Except in properly zoned districts, horses, mules, ponies, Ilamas, donkeys, cows, pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, poultry or any animal raised for fur-bearing purposes unless otherwise permitted elsewhere in this Code.
You can read the full text of the current Verona ordinances on poultry here in Chapter Title 7, Chapter 1, Section 7-1-12

Local Links

  • Mad City Chickens
    Mad City Chickens in Madison, WI aims to educate the urban population on the benefits of raising ones own food, and to bring to light the misconceptions people might have about the raising of poultry in an urban setting. Mad City Chickens offers an Introductory class for those who are interested in raising birds in their own backyard.
  • The Natural Step Monona
    Article discussing why chickens are good for the area and includes a 2009 letter from the Madison Zoning Administrator, Matthew Tucker, on how they receive less than 10 complaints per year about chickens in Madison (which were allowed beginning in 2004). The article compares this to the 2008 incident reports for dogs in Monona (69 calls for dogs disturbing neighbors, 12 for bites, 102 for strays).
  • Lift the Verona, WI Ban on Backyard Chickens
    Facebook page for Verona residents interested in backyard chickens.
  • City Peeps
    City Peeps promotes responsible chicken raising in Appleton, Wisconsin. We believe in working collaboratively & proactively with the City of Appleton, community organizations, local farmers and local citizens to promote urban chickens. We believe that backyard chickens make wonderful pets, produce healthy sustainable food, and are a positive addition to neighborhoods. We meet monthly at Harmony Cafe (233 E. College Ave.)- Last Thursdays at 5PM. Go chickens!


  • Backyard Chickens
    Established in 1999, BackYardChickens has become the #1 destination for peeps looking for information on raising chickens in any urban, suburban, or rural backyard!
  • Chickens for Montgomery
    An excellent, well-detailed proposal on the benefits and facts surrounding urban chickens (see especially Appendix F which addresses property values for areas that allow chickens versus areas that do not).
  • Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer
    Backyard Poultry with the Chicken Whisperer is a nationally broadcast radio show all about keeping backyard poultry, show poultry, and living a self-sufficient lifestyle.
  • Even My Mother Gets It
    Barbara Palermo's blog post about changing her mother's mind about backyard chickens.
  • Chicken Revolution
    A group of local residents in Salem, Oregon. They developed an award-winning documentary on the urban chicken movement in their area. It is available in the "Products" section of their website.
  • Urban Chicken Victory in Columbia
    An article by the "Show-Me Daily" in Missouri on the arguments made that led to legislation being passed to allow urban chickens.
  • 7 Myths About Urban Chickens
    The McMurray Hatchery Blog addresses seven myths about chickens including disease, noise, odor, predators, property values and more:
    Myth 1        —        Myths 2-3        —        Myths 4-7
  • CDC Avian Influenza
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention address avian flu risks in small chicken flocks (seventh question from the top).
  • Alexandria Chicken Coop & Run by Williams Sonoma
    On the expensive side, but a beautiful design and nice functionality that you can move the coop around along with the run.